Mobile Device Checkout Form

The South Kitsap School District recognizes the value of mobile technology to help support teachers and staff in performing their job functions both within the district and off-site. In accordance with district policies and procedures, the device being assigned to you remains the property of the district and must be accounted for as part of the ongoing school/dept inventory. Be advised that SKSD devices may have location services enabled and periodically report out their location.
With any mobile device, there are risks and liabilities that need to be clearly identified.
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Saturday, June 23 2018
Building/Dept Administrator

This form should be completed annually and kept on file in the school or department office.

Associated policies and procedures:
  • 2022 - Electronic Information System
  • 6570 - Property, Records and Data Management
  • 6801 - Capital Assets/Theft-Sensitive Assets
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